Watch Out for Reverse Mortgages

February 12, 2009

With the recession in full swing and unemployment rising, unscrupulous predatory lenders are taking advantage of seniors. One of the areas in which they are particularly insidious is selling reverse mortgages.

There are a host of reverse mortgage scams that are plaguing our senior citizens and steps are being taken to stop it.

According to HUD, deceptive practices and allegations of high-pressure sales tactics are being directed at senior citizens under the guise of a helpful and legitimate reverse mortgage. Borrowers also run the risk of being steered into inappropriate loans and annuities by sales agents and insurance brokers who could be working together without disclosing that relationship to the borrower.

For more information on reverse mortgages for seniors visit HUD.

Our seniors are particularly vulnerable these days to the scams that pervade our society. Given the fact that so many seniors may be in financial trouble, they become victims of relentless individuals and companies that seek to prey on their immediate financial concerns.

If your parents are considering a reverse mortgage, accompany them when they seek advice from a counseling agency so that you can assist them with any and all questions relating to reverse mortgages.

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